• Torstein

Meditation – becoming the Seer

Being Still, Quiet

Retreating into oneself like a turtle pulling it`s limbs back into the shell

Being still. Seeing the mind.

The mind is crazy.

Thinking thinking, thing think king. The mind is a kinky thing.

Seeing this proves there must be s o m e t h i n g else, some clarity.

A subject watching an object. Sanity seeing crazyness, spaciousness embracing the contracted, habitual mind.

To see the mind and its craziness, is The Better Way. It is the heroic Way, because

it seems to be neverending ...

Seeing the crazy mind without judgement.

No reacting. No attraction and aversion.

This is the remedy.

It brings calmness.

Pure seeing is Great Peace. If it doesn't fully work, it`s just an invitation to return.

Meeting the deluded mind

with Awareness, like a chaotic river

emptying itself into the Vast Sea.

There is a strange pleasure in this.

It is the most essential thing,

and it is

the road to Reality

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