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A brief summary 

The original, ancient way is old as rock and fire.

This webpage aims to describe the spiritual and shamanic work of Torstein Simonsen. The most obvious terminology for my work is "shamanism and nature mysticism" - with an anarchistic foundation. Anarchistic in the sense of: Freedom, non-hierchical philosophy and - when useful - spontaniety. The ideal of studying nature - both externally and internally - brings similarities to indigenous traditions, as well as other ancient mystical traditions.

The traditional animist spirituality was for quite some time more or less extinct in northern Norway. My work comes from lifelong learning with the landscape, dreams and the inner worlds, together with traditions adopted from other places, new and old.

After years of inner experiences and tutelage of authentic elders and shamans, I am still - and will allways be - learning. For about 15 years i have practiced a variety of spiritual services. Teaching, healing, balancing, connecting, creating a space for the axis mundi. Both with groups and individuals, formally and informally.

The general aim is peacemaking. Very often this calls for diversity in approaches. 

We need to be at peace with ourselves, each other, the land, our past, our livingplaces and houses, ancestors and so the list goes on... 

The name - ur medicine - is a creative renaming of the original and most ancient spiritual way, what is typically called shamanism and anismism. These ancient, spiritual practices seems to be a natural part of human consciousness. And they are found on every continent, in similar but unique versions. And so, shamanism is a form of spirituality that can be expressed in many, many ways. 

Sometimes things needs to be clearly defined, but definition can also become limitation. My preferred definition of shamanism is wide, and borrowed from my friend and teacher Ailo Gaup. "The oldest known way of power, healing and ecstacy" was his usual description of this ancient art which he also called a "world heritage" and "the ancient cultural subject" (or "art"). 

"Heritage", "art" and "culture" refers to the deep value of these matters. 

In practicing these arts, ethics is of course most important. 

Still, the main question is, "Does it work? Can it help?" The answer is Yes. Very often it does. The effectiveness of the work comes with a combination of several factors. 

My favored expression for these arts could be translated as "the power of frailty". Frailty is the truth of our condition as physical beings. By "warming up" and expanding the heart, resting deeply, going beyond the personal self, through vulnerability, "the power of frailty" can take us all the way into unity consciousness. Relaxing into Great Seeing. And this is only really possible through Love. 

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