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Life. Breath. Awareness

These are magical charged words. These words are filled with power. The same power which is within your own breath, within your own mind. This is the real power, and it is the same, allways here. This power "curse" you with happiness. You cannot avoid it, reading this. Even if it's just thirty seconds, or ten minutes. It is unavoidable, because it is so easy. Happiness is not needing anything. Fully satisfied with what is right here, now. Life. The innermost breath is like a thousand tiny golden Buddhas flowing into the nostrils, bringing great nourishment. Essence, lifeforce. Without breath, no life. Without awareness of breath, no aware life. It is called the Dream. Wake up, make it a good dream! This is a good dream shown, right here. This is so easy to do, so easy to remember, that I've forgotten it at least a thousand times. Maybe to experience the deep pleasure of the rediscovery. Every time. It is simple. Now, it's given to you, from yourself. The selfless self is the real self. It's the way, and the goal. Forget all the childish stories, at least for a while. Even death is better when aware, enjoying the moment fully because of not needing anything. Being inside of the breath, is being inside of the moment. Fully inside the moment is eternity. No time, no lack of anything This is Liberation. This is doing the work of the Buddha. Breathing with awareness. No more, no less. Sleep will come, dream will come, illusion will come - again. Not to worry, but simply returning to the moment of completeness inside the effortless movement of breath. Selfarisen, choiceless awareness. Life

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